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recovers the better for the whole world. It is
preposterous to resume the policy of holding back
Germany simply that the old order may enjoy
a few more years of self-indulgence in England,
France and America,
A lingering fear of German military aggression
may not be altogether bad for the minor states of
South-Eastern Europe and Asia Minor, by
breaking down their excessive nationalism and
inducing them to work together. The policy of
the sane man should be to welcome every possible
experiment in international co-operations^ and
if these supra-national understanding duplicate
and overlap one another, so much the better.
He has to watch the activities of his own Foreign
Office with incessant jealousy, for signs of that
Machiavellian spirit which foments division
among foreign governments and peoples and
schemes perpetually to frustrate the progressive
movement in human affairs by converting it into
a swaying indecisive balance of power.
This book is a discussion of guiding principles
and not of the endless specific problems of
adjustment that arise on the way to a world
realisation of collective unity, I will merely
glance at that old idea of Napoleon the Third's,
the Latin Union, at the possibility of a situation
in Spanish and Portuguese South America